A trip to the Lorna Jane Warehouse sale

Last month while scrolling on Facebook I came across an add for a Lorna Jane sale event that was being held in Bendigo.  I don’t own a lot of LJ, mainly because it is, IMO, a little pricey.  Being that I am a sucker for a sale, I drove up to Bendigo for a look. 

The sale was held at the Bendigo Showgrounds, we arrived mid afternoon and it wasn’t super busy.  That made it a lot easier to look at the clothes though!  The new season ranges were in prime position just inside the door.  Some of that was really lovely, I am a sucker for a nice olive green, and there are a few pieces I will be adding to my ShopTagr.  The new season lines were discounted by 20%.  

The more discounted items were arranged by item, and then further broken down into sizes. It was super easy to find clothing in the sizes you wanted.  If you were an extra small then you had a very big range to choose from, I am a medium so my colour choices were sadly not as large. Prices started at $25 for short sleeve tops up to $60+ for jackets and leggings. 

I ended up leaving without buying anything, none of the colours I liked were available in my size and I had been hoping for a bigger discount on the leggings.  I would definitely still go back and check out their sale again if it comes back to Bendigo next year.  If I go again I will try and get there a bit earlier though just to make sure I got to see everything.  If you are a hardcore LJ addict then the warehouse sale would be worth a visit.

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